About us

Who we are

Comerco Services Inc. is the Canadian leader in Protection Plan management. We are constantly evolving in order to always meet the needs of the market and offer a quality of service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

We also offer our clients a full range of cleaning and maintenance products that are environmentally friendly and highly efficient as well as an assortment of hypoallergenic mattress protectors that provide an effective barrier against bed bugs.

Vision and Mission

Maintain and strengthen our position as Canada’s leader in Protection Plan management while providing peace of mind to our customers and business partners.

Create, innovate and improve our environmentally friendly products and our services in order to always position ourselves beyond our customers’ and partners’ expectations while demonstrating the highest quality standards.


Our Employees

Our employees are our most important asset. Our experience shows that an effective training program for employees is essential. In fact, Comerco was selected in 2012 by Emploi Quebec as an ambassador for the region in terms of investment initiatives to improve the skills of its staff.