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Leather Care Complete kit with UV Protection - 2 x 700 mL

Leather Care Complete kit with UV Protection - 2 x 700 mL

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Maintain the beauty of your leather furniture with our Leather care – Complete Kit. It contains a Protective Lotion with lanolin and UV protection, a Mild Shampoo, an extra soft fiber applicator glove, and a sponge. This set is ideal for maintaining and protecting finished leather. 

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    Includes four essential products to preserve the beauty of your finished leather furniture

    1. Care Lotion for Finished Leather • 700 mL

    • Biodegradable
    • Protects against UV rays
    • Conditions, softens and protects
    • Brings back leather’s natural appearance
    • Protects from cracking and drying
    • Neutral pH

    Enhanced formula with lanolin & UV protection

     2. Soft Fitted Applicator Glove

     3. Mild Shampoo for Finished Leather • 700 mL

    • Biodegradable
    • Cleans and deodorizes
    • Neutral pH

    4. Sponge

    Detailed Product Description:

    Discover the Leather Care - Complete Kit, an all-in-one solution to preserve the beauty of your fine leather furniture. This kit includes four essential products, including a Care Lotion formulated with
    lanolin and UV protection. This lotion revitalizes, softens, and safeguards leather, preventing cracking and drying. Use the extra soft fiber applicator glove for even application. The Mild Shampoo, with its neutral pH formula, gently cleanses and deodorizes leather. Lastly, the sponge allows for precise and deep cleaning. Provide your leather furniture with the care it deserves with this comprehensive kit of quality products. 

    User guide :

    1. Care Lotion for Finished Leather

    Always test on a hidden area to ensure color fastness.

    Before using this product, clean with Comerco’s Mild Shampoo for Finished Leather. Spray lotion on a cotton cloth or directly on the
    surface to be protected. After application, wipe immediately and evenly with a circular motion. Do not rub. For best results, repeat this process every three months.

    2. Mild Shampoo for Finished Leather

    This mild shampoo can be used on other finished leather products.

    DO NOT use on suede, nubuck or unfinished leathers.

    Shake gently before use. Apply directly to surface or moisten sponge with shampoo. Clean leather with small circular movements. Allow time for product to work. Rinse sponge in clear water and wipe cleaned surface. 

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