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Protection Kit | Outdoor Furniture 1 x 700 mL - 2 x 250 mL

Protection Kit | Outdoor Furniture 1 x 700 mL - 2 x 250 mL

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Protection Kit - Outdoor Furniture: Your All-in-One Solution 

Enhance the durability of your outdoor furniture with our All-in-One Protection Kit - Outdoor Furniture. Featuring our UV-resistant Fabric Protector, two powerful stain removers, a high-quality microfiber cloth, and a convenient brush, caring for your furniture has never been simpler. Enjoy immaculate and protected outdoor furniture year-round with our complete solution. 

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Includes five essential products to protect your outdoor furniture

1. Fabric Protector • 700 mL

  • Prevents stains and waterproofs
  • Protects fabrics against UV rays

2. Stain Remover / Fabric • 250 mL

  • Removes most common stains
  • Successfully removes most common stains, including food and beverage, ink, grease and others.

3. Enzymatic Stain Remover / Fabric • 250 mL

  • Cleans and eliminates odors
  • Removes organic stains

4. High Quality Microfiber Cloth

  • More efficient than conventional dry wipes

5. Brush

Detailed Product Description:

Protection Kit - Outdoor Furniture: Fabric Protector, Two Stain Removers, Microfiber Cloth, and Brush   

Protect and extend the life of your outdoor furniture with our Protection Kit - Outdoor Furniture. This comprehensive kit includes five essential products, specifically designed to protect and maintain your precious outdoor furniture. 

The kit includes:   

  • Fabric Protector (700 mL): This fabric protector acts as a shield, preserving your furniture from stains and water with its waterproofing effect. Additionally, it guards against UV damage. 
  • Stain Remover (250 mL): Our stain remover effectively tackles common stains—whether it's food, beverages, ink, grease, or more—to restore the appearance of your outdoor furniture fabric. 
  • Enzymatic Stain Remover (250 mL): This deep-cleaning stain remover eliminates odours and excels at tackling biological
  • High-Quality Microfiber Cloth: Far superior to conventional wipes, our microfiber cloth cleans more efficiently, leaving your outdoor furniture impeccable. 
  • Brush: Perfect for applying our stain removers, this brush assists you in maintaining and cleaning your outdoor furniture conveniently and efficiently. 

With our Protection Kit - Outdoor Furniture, you have a practical and complete solution to maintain the beauty of your outdoor furniture. Ideal for all types of outdoor furniture, it turns furniture maintenance into a breeze. 

User guide :

1. Fabric Protector

Prevents stains and waterproofs

Do not use on leather, suede or vinyl.

This product is more effective on clean fabrics. All surfaces to be protected should be thoroughly cleaned before application. Always test on a hidden area of the fabric to check for colorfastness. If colour is affected, do not use. Hold the spray 10-12 inches from the surface of the fabric. Spray evenly over the entire portion to be protected. Allow the fabric to dry for 4 hours.

2. Stain Remover For Fabric

Do not apply to natural wool fabric.

Before using this product, test the colour fastness on a hem or a hidden part of the material to be cleaned. 1. Pat stain with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. 2. Moisten stain with Stain Remover and allow to soak in for 2 minutes. 3. a) Fabric: Using a
damp cloth, blot stain to absorb cleaner and let dry. If a ring appears, rinse affected area again by tapping gently with a clean wet cloth. Important: DO NOT RUB to avoid spreading stain. b) Vinyl - Synthetic and Bonded Leather - Bycast: with a damp cloth, gently rub stain and let dry. 4. Repeat these steps if necessary.

3. Enzymatic Stain Remover for Fabric

Do not apply to natural wool fabric or leather.

Before using this product, test the colour fastness of the material on a hem or a hidden part of the fabric. 1. Remove any solid residue, blot the stained area with a dry cloth. 2. Spray this product
directly on stain, let stand for 15 minutes. 3. With a cloth saturated
with lukewarm water and wrung out, clean the stain in a circular motion, from the outside to the inside. With a dry cloth, soak up the excess liquid and allow to dry. Repeat if necessary. For best results, clean stain within 24 hours.

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